Richard Wolffe

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December 2016

Trump Is No Fool

And his aides are not rolling their eyes at his stupidities. One of my recent columns at The Guardian: Whatever the Trump era represents, it surely marks the dawn of a golden age of satire. But beware of laughing too... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Trump’s Fact-Free World

It's apparently time to get over our weird attachment to the facts. One of my recent columns from The Guardian (apologies for posting it late):   The late, great Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say that everyone was entitled to... Continue Reading →

The Cabinet Apprentice: Trump’s Latest Reality TV Show

My latest at The Guardian is about Trump's trumped up role on The Apprentice: the alpha dog boss pretending to be the successful executive he has never been in real life. That's sadly┬áthe show we're watching unfold in his so-called... Continue Reading →

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