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Corruption and Bribery are Not Conflicts of Interest

My latest column for the Guardian is about Trump's business dealings and how they are not some quaint conflict of interest. What kind of example are we setting for the rest of the world if the leader of the free... Continue Reading →

Trump’s National Security Adviser is a Disaster

Here's my latest column for The Guardian on Trump's foreign policy team, such as it is. Say what you like about past presidents and their international legacies, but it’s hard to dispute the caliber of their national security advisers. From... Continue Reading →

The Secret Plot to Fire Stephanie Cutter

Here's another taste of The Message, via msnbc:   The Obama campaign looked in the mirror and saw a political problem. It had researched every piece of its own message machine and found one area that required urgent fixing. Focus... Continue Reading →

Interviews and stuff

Catch my appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday Sept 15th here. I'll be on Morning Joe and The Last Word on Monday Sept 16th.

The Drama behind Obama

Here the first extract of The Message as published by The Daily Beast. Just a taste of the first few paragraphs here. The Beast has it in full. Hope you like it!

Here's the cover of The Message, on sale on Tuesday September 17th. Let me know what you think of it - the cover and the book!  You can find it on Amazon right here.

Coming Soon: The Message

My latest book, on the Obama campaign of 2012, will be published by Twelve very soon. Stay tuned.

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